In most any form of gambling the more something occurs in consecutive or semi-consecutive sequence the less likely it will continue in that direction, for a long series of results!

This is the key to winning a fortune, as you will see shortly…

Or, on the other side of the spectrum, the more often something occurs the more likely it should continue for a short run of results!  Experts and mathematicians may tell you each result occurs completely unconnected to the prior results.

For years before I began playing Pick-3 lotto (the greatest game in the world), I had done much research on “Decreasing Probabilities” at the research company I worked for in my spare time.

I quickly discovered the reasons why so many mathematicians have it so wrong when it comes to their theories concerning gambling and wagering … they simply assume each result is a separate result from the total series of occurrences. 

This is only correct when you are involved with a single wager, and does not continue wagering after one bet. 

For example, if you play the big pick-6 or mega lotto games and the chance of hitting big jackpot can be 1,000,000 (or more) to 1, these odds are based on buying a single ticket for a single game. 

Once you purchase more than one ticket the odds change dramatically.

You Will Have Such An Advantage … Losing Will Be Something That May Occur Only On Rare Occasions … And I Mean “Very, Very Rare!”

With my lotto system the only time you ever make your wagers is when you have a real and mathematical advantage!

Because of the overwhelming advantage you have with my system, the amount of money you win is dependent on how much you want to win!

The overwhelming advantage I have is that you and I can wager five, even ten times what you usually wager on the same game which in the case is Pick-3 Lotto!

My “One-Digit Up & One-Digit Down” Pick-3 Lotto System Can Be Verified by looking at past results in the California Daily 3 for the last 3 years…the Florida Cash 3 for 240 games…the Arizona Pick 3 for 240 games and the Texas Pick 3 for 200 games.  No one has a system like mine in the world and no one can offer such proof of results which you can quickly do yourself when you get my system in your hands!

You just compare my system with past results and if seeing all that still makes you feel incompatible then send it back within 60 days for a complete refund of your fee. 

But tell us WHY you decided not to play it for real – that’s all I ask!  Compare my system to anything out there and if you ever find something better then Please-Please let me know what it is.

You Will See The Proof And 100% Know It Works Before You Invest Your 1st Wagering Dollar! This is the Ultimate Method For Winning At The Pick-3 Lotto!


No Longer Will You Buy Lotto Tickets With Only The “Hope” To Win. With My System For Pick-3 Lotto Everything Is Reversed! You Seldom Lose!


You have never seen anything like this before,  in fact it shatters the odds. Your eyes will almost pop out of your head when you look up past results in the states we tell you to go to.  My “One-Digit Up & One-Digit Down” system is like finding a barrel of  24kt gold in your living-room. 

You will be shocked out of your skin when you compare the winning numbers to my system before you play for real! 

And I guarantee it! 

The usual procedure for most Pick-3 lotto players is to take just enough tickets and hope for a little luck in the beginning so you can last for the rest of the week or month.  You know you probably won’t win in the long run but you would like a little luck so maybe this time, just once, you can come home with a few extra bucks.

But imagine if everything was reversed and you knew almost every day, you would have up to a 95% chance of winning?  What if you knew you had a proven mathematical advantage on every wager – how would you bet?

LET ME SUM IT UP AGAIN – the Benefits You Will Receive From My Guaranteed New Discovery:

    1. It Is Unlike Any Other Method of number selections you have ever used or every heard about before.
    2. It is Virtually Error-Proof.  There is no guesswork or room for doubts.  It mechanically selects the correct numbers to play for that period of time.
      You do not have to make choices on your own.
    3. It is probably the Fastest and Easiest method of picking numbers you have ever seen.
    4. Its Results Are Phenomenal.  You may have a string of ten or more winning plays before you have a single losing ticket.  Yes, hard to believe,
      But 100% True!

The System That Can Be Verified In Any
State That Has A Daily Pick-3 Game.

That’s right, before you make your first wager you will know for sure that you practically have the world’s winningest system ever produced for winning huge steady income.  Why? … because my system is verifiable – before you play!!

can test and verify the system with today’s and tomorrow’s results.

No Longer Will You Buy Lotto Tickets With Only The “Hope” To Win. With My System For Pick-3 Lotto Everything Is Reversed! You Seldom Lose!

Will Shock You!!

Okay, if you are interested in results then keep on reading - because I honestly believe for sure that never in your lifetime will you receive an easier or more constant means of number selection than what you will have in your hands the first day you I have some of the best systems they ever saw!  And you CAN take that to the bank! 

History of past results are solid facts!  What got me excited in the making of this system was the fact that not only did it hold up in one state, but it held up in many, many states – That’s when I almost jumped out of my skin!  Frankly, I could not believe my eyes but I checked it out and guess what?  The darn thing worked over and over again.  You just gotta see it in action to believe it, and should you want to thank me or ask me any questions I will enclose contact information in the materials you receive!  That in itself is more than most every author will ever do!

You can verify this system against past results.  You receive my “One-Digit Up & One-Digit Down” system.

NEVER Have You Seen Anything Like This Before…

In fact, to the best of my knowledge, this method of picking numbers for the daily Pick-3 game is quite different from any Pick-3 lottery method that you have ever seen.

In fact … you will be among the first to even set your eyes on it!  You should also know that it has absolutely nothing to do with things like astrology, birth dates, etc.  No, none of that nonsense!

Rather, my method uses a very common factor, when applied in an uncommon way, produces results that are nothing short of amazing!  Remember, I am talking about collecting huge, steady dividends on Pick-3 lotto!  Yes, I kid you not, this is definitely for real!!


My system “One-Digit Up & One-Digit Down” is simply beyond anything you’ve seen! Whatever systems or “voodoo” you have ever tried in the past … Nothing on this earth can equal the power of my system for winning at daily Pick-3! This is not an exaggeration! I know I may sound excited, but this system virtually wins so much, so often and so fast… you’ll think you died and went to “Lotto Heaven!”

Remember, You Can Use It The Very Same Day You Receive It – If Your Mail Is Delivered Before You Leave To Buy Your Tickets!

And please, whatever you decide, at the very least consider this:  Look at the return address on the order form I have provided.  You will quickly notice my publisher’s name & address.  Yes, who other than WINTRACK out of New Jersey.  This company would not even look at most any lotto systems unless they were proven. 

They are one of the largest sellers of lotto books in the USA and as I, you can trust this company more than any other I have ever dealt with.  They told me

WHY Am I Selling This Fantastic System?

EARNING A Good Living
From Daily Pick-3 Lotto!

I hope you have bought other systems prior to this offer I am making you, so that you can compare even at first glance the true effect you will see just with the charts I painstakingly supplied you with this book.

You will learn two things: (1) Nothing came easy putting this thing together, and, (2) all the hard work has already been done for you. 

After the first day it should only take you no more than twenty minutes a day (even less with the optional recommended software) to start you on your way to a new life enjoying each day playing the lotto!

Dan Hudson

A very fair question and I hope I give you a very fair answer:

  1. First of all, unlike most gambling games the more who win Pick-3 lotto does not really cut into my win percentage, whereas games like traditional horse and dog racing would!
  2. More importantly, my fat payment from my credible publisher WINTRACK of NJ, the most important thing to me is notoriety – meaning tell the world what I’ve got and sharing my success with fellow players like yourself.  Believe me, it’s a lot more than just money here, it’s the invention being let out of the bag - That’s just the way I feel!


Let’s face it, many of you reading this are not happy with your life, are you? How many times have you dreaded going to your job and putting in long hours for your company, just so someone else could enjoy the fruits of your labor? Be honest, no matter what job you do, no matter how enthusiastic you once were about doing it … sooner or later every job becomes just that … a J-O-B! And working for others means when things go bad for them, they go bad for you!


Or Don’t Ever Make Another Wager


I know this because it’s common sense! If you only make your bets when you have an incredible advantage of up to 95% …

Now you can win thousands of dollars in a very short time, because you will not have to suffer through the long losing streaks others who play without this know-

ledge more often do!

If you never make a bet again, there is no need for you to have my fantastic system.  However, if you are going to bet on lotto … without the benefit of my system, you may lose just like you have in the past!

Dan Hudson



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